The story of the pool at Bethesda is biblical and is given  in the Gospel of John Ch 5:vs 1-9...      
It is a story of a disabled man who was seeking healing in his life but had no one to help him get into the pool.  
Such people gathered at the pool of Bethesda to seek healing for all their illnesses and problems in life which they believed they could find by entering the pool at those times when the waters were stirred, which they understood was by the hand of an angel of the Lord.  The man in the story had tried many years to get into the pool without success until one day he meets Jesus.  
This encounter with Jesus changed his life, because Jesus gave him the healing he desired.

We believe that today encountering Jesus can change lives.  
There are so many people out there today who are seekers after truth, or who have no purpose in life  or who have no one to love them.  The message of the Christian faith is that God sent Jesus to reveal the truth to us, to give us a new purpose in life, or to love us with such an intense love that he was willing to die on the cross for us.

You will find that same Jesus at St Nicholas Church, Thorne.  
He will accept us just as we are... and we find love and acceptance, a new purpose in life and other Christians who are seeking the same things as we are.  
The doors are open, ALL are welcome to walk in!