Sundays at 6.30pm

On the first Sunday evenings in February, May, August and November

at 6.30pm, we hold Memorial Services to which those who have recently lost

loved ones are invited.

SUNDAYS at 10:30am

On the 1st, and 3rd  Sundays of the month we have a

PARISH COMMUNION service, including hymns, a sermon and parts of the service sung.  This is a modern language service using Common Worship Order One.  Approx time 75 minutes.

On the 2nd Sunday of the month we have our MORNING PRAISE service, which includes a time of open worship, hymns and a sermon.  The content of the service varies from month-to-month...  approx length of the service is 60 minutes.

After the service refreshments are served

The 4th Sunday of the month is our ALL-AGE WORSHIP service, which is led by the All-Age team.  The content of the service is designed to incorporate all the ages among us from young people through to our eldest member. The content varies from month-to-month and the service lasts approx 60 minutes.

 After the service refreshments are served and our Tradecraft stall is open.

When there is a 5th Sunday in the month we have a Healing Service, which includes anointing with oil and prayer.

approx 75 minutes.

After the 10.30 service...

Prayer for Healing or any other need is available for those who would like prayer.


On most Wednesday we have a Communion service at 9.30am using a Common Worship modern language service.  The service includes a short sermon.  

Approx length 45 minutes.

Sundays at 9.00am


following the 1662 Book of Common Prayer services.  This service is said.  

The communion service includes a short sermon.  

Approx time between 30 and 40 minutes.